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Dungeons & Dragons Scraps Plans to Update Its Open Game License  gizmodo 

Bari Weiss Brings the Culture Wars Home — The Information   theinformation 

Twitter Publishes 2023 Marketing Calendar to Assist with Campaign Planning   socmedtoday 

NASA's 'Mega Moon Rocket' aced first flight and is ready for crewed Artemis II launch • TechCrunch   crunch 

Amazon is reportedly making a Tomb Raider TV show and movie - The Verge   verge 

Google AI can create music in any genre from a text description   engadget 

Eric Lander will return to run a lab at the Broad Institute - STAT   statnews 

Mercedes is the first certified Level-3-autonomy car company in the US   engadget 

Bitcoin Sellers Exhausted, Accumulators HODL - Bitcoin Magazine - Bitcoin News, Articles and Expert Insights   bitcoinmagazine 

Biden Admin Roadmap Cryptocurrency Risks - Bitcoin Magazine - Bitcoin News, Articles and Expert Insights   bitcoinmagazine 

Europe Will be Building the Transfer Arm for the Mars Sample Return Mission - Universe Today   universetoday 

Does the Crypto Market Have The Strength To Break To The Upside? QCP Capital Weighs In   newsbtc 

Marines Reactivate Guam Base to Boost Pacific Footprint - Defense One   defenseone 

Beware These NFT Scammers on Twitter, On-Chain Sleuth Warns   cryptopotato 

Twitter vows to take ‘less severe actions’ against rule-breaking accounts - The Verge   verge 

Wolfe breaks every rule that any kind of writing workshop is going to tell you.   wired 

What does selling to platform engineering teams mean for developer relations? • TechCrunch   crunch 

The Block: Hackers takeover Azuki's Twitter account, promote virtual land scam 

AI Lawyer Has A Sad: Bans People From Testing Its Lawyering After Being Mocked   techdirt 

You Can Bring ‘Blob’ Emojis Back to Your Android Phone   lifehacker 

App Store Prices Increasing in the UK and Other Countries on February 13 - MacRumors   macrumors 

Bird study links spatial thinking with not getting eaten   ars 

Planning for 2023: What Social Media Marketers Need to Win in 2023   socmedtoday 

CWA files unfair labor practice charge against eBay's trading card subsidiary   engadget 

Daily Crunch: Stripe responds to report that it seeks to raise $2B with a terse 'no comment' • TechCrunch   crunch 

Japan, Netherlands To Join US in Chip Controls on China - Slashdot   slashdot 

Researchers created a sticky drone to collect environmental DNA from forest canopies   engadget 

Why Most Companies Still Don’t Know What’s on Their Network   darkrdng 

Amazon Fresh is more than quadrupling how much you’ll need to pay to get free grocery delivery - The Verge   verge 

Biden Administration Publishes Roadmap to Combat Crypto Fraud and Protect Investors   cryptopotato 

Microsoft Unveils VALL-E, A Game-Changing TTS Language Model   infoq 

Intel's 'Historic Collapse' Erases $8 Billion From Market Value - Slashdot   slashdot 

D&D maker retreats from attempts to update longstanding “open” license   ars 

Ignore TikTok and Stop Putting Cleaning Liquid in Your Toilet Tank   lifehacker 

Ark 21Shares Bitcoin ETF Rejected by the SEC Once Again   cryptopotato 

These Apple-like Target Tech Accessories Are 50% Off Right Now   lifehacker 

FBI takes down Hive ransomware network - The Verge   verge 

10 Ways to Eat Dip for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner   lifehacker 

NASA and DARPA Will be Testing a Nuclear Rocket in Space - Universe Today   universetoday 

US SEC Inquires Investment Advisers Over Crypto Custody: Report   cryptopotato 

Quantum physicists make major nanoscopic advance   sciencedaily 

12 of the Weirdest Podcasts You Didn't Even Know Could Be a Podcast   lifehacker 

#GermanyRIP. Kremlin-loyal hacktivists wage DDoSes to retaliate for tank aid   ars 

Comcast says Peacock lost nearly $1 billion last quarter - The Verge   verge 

US and EU To Launch First-Of-Its-Kind AI Agreement - Slashdot   slashdot 

Manatee county teachers close class libraries, fearing prosecution under FL law   newsycom 

Intermountain Partners with Story Health to Better Manage Heart Failure Patients’ Care Plans - MedCity News   medcitynews 

What You Should Clean in Your House After Someone Gets Sick   lifehacker 

14 of the Best Self-Care Deals to Gift Yourself for Under $25   lifehacker 

Yuga Labs Claims Its Bored Apes Have Copyright, Even if It Never Filed for Protection   gizmodo 

Which Of My Favorite BTS Songs Are You?   buzzfeed 

When Is It OK to Cheat at Wordle?   lifehacker 

Tech vet Paul Maritz backs privacy-focused social app True   geekwire 

5,000-Year-Old Tavern Uncovered in Iraq - Archaeology Magazine   archaeology 

Prenda Law lawyer loses attempt to file more piracy lawsuits from prison   ars 

MoviePass 2.0 is opening up the invite waitlist again before its public launch this summer - The Verge   verge 

Steelcase’s Frank Lloyd Wright furniture is a throwback for your home office - The Verge   verge 

PagerDuty CEO Quotes MLK Jr. In Worst Layoff Email Ever - Slashdot   slashdot 

13 Easter Eggs In Taylor Swift's "Lavender Haze" Video   buzzfeed 

Annual? Bivalent? For all? Future of COVID shots murky after FDA deliberations   ars 

This is Microsoft’s Xbox game streaming device - The Verge   verge 

Mhmm. 5 year membership for 

Every device getting Matter support in 2023 - The Verge   verge 

AI Wildfire Detection Bill Gets Initial Approval in Colorado - Slashdot   slashdot 

Galactic Anomaly: The Milky Way Is Too Big for Its “Cosmological Wall”   scitechdaily 

Jimmy Kimmel Interviews His Past Self Thanks to Deepfake Tech #PetaPixel   petapixel 

You Should Let Your Gummy Candy Get a Little Stale   lifehacker 

Racial slurs discovered in leaked Yandex source code   cyberscoop 

Temporal Differences with Python   First Sample-Based Reinforcement Learning Algorithm: Coding up and understanding   towardsdatascience 

Best Super Bowl TV deals for 2023: OLED, Mini LED, and more - The Verge   verge 

How Machine Learning Could Predict Rare Disastrous Events – Like Earthquakes or Pandemics   scitechdaily 

Boy with Autism Builds World's Largest LEGO Titanic Replica   interestingengineering 

Seattle band says it's 'not welcome back' at Climate Pledge Arena after song lampoons Jeff Bezos – GeekWire   geekwire 

Alphonse Mucha, Leslie Carter, 1908   si 

Jonathan Majors is a bodybuilder yearning to be truly seen in Magazine Dreams - The Verge   verge 

Why Go and Not Rust? (2019)   newsycom 

Cowboy Bebop Creator Shinichiro Watanabe on Live-Action Version   gizmodo 

Pfizer is scolded by a U.K. trade group for remarks its CEO made about vaccination - STAT   statnews 

Russian-sponsored group Sandworm hits Ukraine with new wiper malware   scmagazine 

Silent 120 Explorer yacht will accommodate a personal sub and an eVTOL   newatlas 

New Technology May Help Inform Brain Stimulation - Neuroscience News   neurosciencenews 

Researchers unravel why episodes of low blood sugar worsen eye disease in people with diabetes   medicalxpress 

The Conjuring star joins Ava DuVernay's new movie   digitalspy 

Mesolithic Human Remains Discovered in Northern England - Archaeology Magazine   archaeology 

Are you in control of your personal data? – Week in security with Tony Anscombe   welivesecurity 

DOJ & Eight States Sue Google for Monopolizing Digital Ads   webpro 

How to format text in Google Docs - The Verge   verge 

EDR tools for Windows Server compared   techntarg 

What is a thing (in the internet of things)? – TechTarget Definition   techntarg 

onecafe / oftn studio   archdaily 

What Is Survival Analysis? Examples by Hand and in R   towardsdatascience 

Rapid7 CTO: Machine learning can ‘fill in security and IT skills’   siliconrepublic 

Disneyland Concept Art Showcased at Disney100 Gallery Photos   gizmodo 

EastEnders spoilers - Lola and Jay's emotional new scenes   digitalspy 

Here Are The Most Popular Foods In Each State, According To People Who Actually Live There   buzzfeed 

What Song From "Speak Now" Are You? Taylor Swift Quiz   buzzfeed 

Thirteenth Beach House / MGAO   archdaily 

Public debt U.S. 2022   statista 

GitHub - carp-lang/Carp: A statically typed lisp, without a GC, for real-time applications.   github 

After fan outcry, Wizards of the Coast will leave its original open license in place – GeekWire   geekwire 

Make Playlist See What Romance Book Trope You Are Quiz   buzzfeed 

Columbia River Valley Lookout / Twobytwo Architecture Studio   archdaily 

Surveillance Tech Firm Sued By Meta For Using Thousands Of Bogus Accounts To Scrape Data   techdirt 

Tilta's Camera Battery Grip Provides Up to 170% Longer Shoot Times #PetaPixel   petapixel 

The New King of Media Fraud   newsycom 

Spanking May Damage A Child's Social Development, Study Suggests   iflscience 

DoorDash is laying off around 1,250 corporate employees   engadget 

「 Free Mint 」   google 

20 Pretty Things You'll Want To Treat Yourself To   buzzfeed 

Several papers are making some bold claims about factoring using quantum computers   arxiv 

Aspiring Photographer Brutally Beaten to Death by Five Police Officers #PetaPixel   petapixel 

Know the Difference Between Philips and Robertson Screw? You Really Should   interestingengineering 

Johns Hopkins Machine-Learning Tools Predict Risk of ICU Delirium   healthitanalytics 

Oppo Reno8 T price revealed before February 8 announcement - news   gsmarena 

Tech jobs dominate the top 25 'best' jobs in the US, Indeed says   compworld 

18 Amazon Canada Things On Sale That You Absolutely Need   buzzfeed 

Car Companies That Were Impacted Most By The Semiconductor Shortage   slashgear 

Unlocking the Unimaginable: Revolutionary New Method for Materials Discovery   scitechdaily 

The math behind board games is not always straightforward. Shang-Hua Teng has helped prove that   quantamagazine 

AI Identifies Drugs to Be Repurposed for Smoking Cessation   psychologytoday 

Weather Machine – Rock solid weather APIs with zero hassle   newsycom 

Building a Sleeper Computer from an SGI Indy   newsycom 

Provocative and misleading headline but important information   neurosciencenews 

the chaotic birth of our #Moon   natgeo 

Taiwan's New Solar Panel 'Sun Rock' Will Deliver 1 Million kWh Per Year   interestingengineering 

Vulcan Point: The Island In A Lake On An Island In A Lake On An Island   iflscience 

Rude Tales of Magic Podcast: Most Ridiculous NPC Names   gizmodo 


Amazon adding new fees for grocery delivery – GeekWire   geekwire 

Why Death In Paradise was right to foreground Naomi   digitalspy 

Emmerdale producer hints at darker edge to Paddy and Mandy storyline   digitalspy 

„M2 MacBook Pro teardown reveals memory & storage changes by   appleinsider 

Best 15 SEO Sites & Blogs for 2020   alltop 

Why HR plays an important role in preventing cyber attacks   techntarg 

An asteroid came so close to the Earth that its orbit was permanently altered   techspot 

Bitwarden Warns of Scam Ads on Google Posing as the Password Manager   pcmag 

Vegan menu leaves Cambridge council with leftovers   notalotofpeopleknowthat 

Notes on Craft   newsycom 

The Messaging People Want From Brands   mprofs 

Release Cardano Node 1.35.5 · input-output-hk/cardano-node · GitHub   github 


Killing Eve and Fleabag boss has details of new TV project confirmed   digitalspy 

Hollyoaks' Mercedes McQueen left devastated by letter from Bobby   digitalspy 

Industry Pro Explores the Future of Data Center Sustainability   datacenterknowledge 

21 Food Quirks That Northerners Don't Realise Are Weird   buzzfeed 

This mutant Venus flytrap mysteriously lost its ability to “count” to 5   ars 

Zortrax 3D printing helps Toyota drive down the cost and lead times of its assembly jigs - 3D Printing Industry   3dprintingindustry 

Dates and Subqueries in SQL   towardsdatascience 

BuzzFeed shares surge 120% on plans to embrace OpenAI   techxplore 

Reddit - Dive into anything   reddit 

22 Amazon Canada Finds You Need In Your Life Right Now   buzzfeed 

"[ASAP] CHalf: Folding Stability Made Simple" #proteomics   acs 

CRPS   A Scoring Function for Bayesian Machine Learning Models #machinelearning   towardsdatascience 


Leaked Galaxy S23 comparison chart reveals a 16.7% brighter screen and more - PhoneArena   phonearena 

Gamma-Ray Eclipses Have Been Spotted For The First Time   iflscience 

Death in Paradise confirms big character return in Neville storyline   digitalspy 

Indiana Jones 5's Phoebe Waller-Bridge rebooting Tomb Raider as TV show   digitalspy 

Late-night could be on the brink of extinction. Here's why. - Big Think   bigthink 

How to fix GoldenEye 007’s control issues on the Nintendo Switch [Updated]   ars 

I Started a Bike Bus, and You Can Too   wired 

The Top 5 Most Expensive Vehicles Owned By Arnold Schwarzenegger   slashgear 

How To Bookmark A Tab Group On iPad Safari   slashgear 

The iPhone 15 Ultra, a VR headset and nothing more: Apple in 2023 - PhoneArena   phonearena 

Using Linux hexedit and xxd commands to view and modify binary files   networld 

Resilient Real-time Data Streaming Across the Edge and Hybrid Cloud   infoq 


Curing the AI Way - IEEE Spectrum   ieee 

Apple Changes App Store Pricing for Various Countries - iClarified   iclarified 

Bad Guys From the Future   hackernoon 

Update sbt-sonatype to 3.9.16 in master by scalaz-bot[bot] · Pull Request #2469 · scalaz/scalaz · GitHub   github 

Data Privacy Day, B2C Marketing Edition   forrester 

The IRA’s Energy Storage Credits Take Data Centers into the Future   datacenterknowledge 

Do mechanical keyboards really need arrow keys?    ars 

NCUA extends 18% interest ceiling for federal credit unions through 2024 #AAA Websites Euroclear,Fintech #regtech   americanbanker 

Our paper is now out in @J_A_C_S !!   acs 

Security keys Apple recommends for iPhone, iPad, Mac   9to5mac 

Cheating isn't the only thing Artificial Intelligence could be used for in school. It could also be used to perform   wired 

The #FlightTracker That Powered #ElonJet Just Took a Left   wired 


"Real world networks such as social, traffic and citation networks often evolve over time and the field of Temporal   towardsdatascience 

they would only tell me they're investigating it   therecord 

Startup using "AI" aka people in the Philippines is dying. This one was a head scratcher from the start.   theinformation 

In Europe, four other Suzuki EVs will be out by 2030   thedrive 

We're excited for our next chapter helping customers apply machine learning to real-time events.   techntarg 

What is #CyberResilience? Find out in the article below   techntarg 

SASE and the future of workplace collaboration   techrad 

Mind control: how does it work and what gadgets will we see it in?   techrad 

We don't usually lead Series A's in our portfolio   crunch 

Dead Space Remake Launches Without Steam Deck Support   slashgear 

Microsoft security sales soar amid competitive critique of business ...   scmagazine 

AI Is Discovering Patterns in Pure Mathematics That Have Never Been Seen Before   sciencealert 


Binance Charity Announces 1000 African Scholars In Collaboration With Utiva   nextbigfuture 

Treasury Looks for New Tech to Prove Physical Money is Legit   nextgov 

Date: 1998-05-07   nasa 

Industry Foresight: Forecasting the Future of Your Market   mprofs 

Books You Should Start Reading in 2021   kdnuggets 

Woman With No Inner Monologue Explains How She Thinks   iflscience 

iFixit Posts Teardown of New M2 MacBook Pro [Video]...   iclarified 

This mod brings LED gauges to a Mazda Miata's air vents:   hackaday 

Dungeons & Dragons Scraps Plans to Update Its Open Game License   gizmodo 

Plague trackers: Cryptic clocks and tracking ancient microbes   digitaljournal 

The Sims 4 to share "exciting news" in new live-stream event   digitalspy 

The Apprentice's fired candidate reveals pregnancy news following exit   digitalspy 

Emmerdale airs Priya Kotecha exit as Fiona Wade bows out   digitalspy 

The regulator rejected the joint application for the second time   cryptopotato 

Low-Carbon Energy Investments Matched Fossil Fuels in 2022, Report Says   cnet 

HBO Hit 'The Last of Us' Renewed for Second Season   cnet 

Jennifer Lopez Almost Fell Off A Cliff While Filming "Shotgun Wedding," And More BTS Secrets From The Cast   buzzfeed 

Fantastic Four rumor says Ryan Gosling might star in the MCU reboot   bgr 

Where CMOs, CNOs and clinical leaders think health systems are headed   beckershospitalreview 

Nomad High Volta accessories review: Help your iPhone & Apple Watch stand out   appleinsider 

"Don't have time to reply to that text? Set a reminder in Google Messages   androidcentral 

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