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Scientists of the Old West, by @tomgauld  newscientist 

10 Amazing Machine Learning Visualizations You Should Know in 2023 - KDnuggets   kdnuggets 

Ayna Burir Adar Residence / Sharal Architects   archdaily 

IIROC-registered Canadian crypto exchange Coinsquare suffers data breach   cointelegraph 

Canada crypto regulation: Bitcoin ETFs, strict licensing and a digital dollar   cointelegraph 

Why is the state of mathematics education so abstract and uninspiring?   newsycom 

WhatsApp data leak: 500M user records for sale   newsycom 

German privacy watchdogs conclude that Microsoft 365 is incompatible with GDPR   newsycom 

The Physics of Scuba Diving   wired 

iRobot's premium Roomba s9+ robot vacuum is $220 off right now   engadget 

Apple Tracks You More Than You Think   wired 

We edited Sam Bankman-Fried's latest memo to remove the BS   qz 

FTX owned an $11.5M stake in a tiny rural bank in Washington state   newsycom 

Weekend Watch: Dogecoin Skyrockets 13%, BNB Breaks $300   cryptopotato 

Elon Musk Will Make a New Phone If Apple and Google Ban Twitter   gizmodo 

NASA's Orion capsule enters far-flung orbit around moon   physorg 

Act: Run your GitHub Actions locally   newsycom 

The evolution of whales from land to sea   ars 

Indian Actor Wins Court Order for His Personality Rights - Slashdot   slashdot 

The Need to Read   newsycom 

The Origins of Python   newsycom 

Go to These Cheap (or Free) Holiday Events This Year   lifehacker 

How to Use Technology to Fuel Long-Distance Love   wired 

Svix, the Enterprise Ready Webhook Service (YC W21) Is Hiring (Remote)   newsycom 

Netflix's New Ad-Supported Plan May Cost It Some Anime   gizmodo 

Crypto Firm Spent $600,000 to Create a Half-Elon Musk, Half-Goat Statue   cryptopotato 

ETH Paints a Lower Low as a Retest of $1,000 Looking More Likely (Ethereum Price Analysis)   cryptopotato 

The Geological Fluke That's Protecting Sea Life in the Galapagos   wired 

What It Takes to Make a Kinder, Gentler Video Game   wired 

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the most versatile gadget you can buy - The Verge   verge 

18 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Ticket To Paradise   buzzfeed 

Honor Magic Vs in for review - news   gsmarena 

A Compiler Writing Playground   newsycom 

The Architecture of the Metaverse (So Far)   archdaily 

The Joy of Abstraction: An Exploration of Math, Category Theory, and Life   newsycom 

27 Best Cooking Tips From Celebrity Chefs   buzzfeed 

Salem Witchcraft Trial   newsycom 

The Versatility of Reinforced Concrete in Five Architectural Uses   archdaily 

Elon Musk will make iPhone rival if Twitter is ejected from App Store   appleinsider 

Casualty star Elinor Lawless reveals aftermath of Stevie's attack   digitalspy 

Retailers' Success Could Come Down to the ABCs   pymnts 

Ransomware gang targets Belgian municipality, hits police instead   bleepingcomputer 

The show just got progressively better imo.   reddit 

Ask HN: Why are slides used in talks instead of document scrolling?   newsycom 

Pre-register for the M&G with   google 

How to Safely Lend Someone Else Your Phone   wired 

AI tailors artificial DNA for future drug development   physorg 

STREAM - Melon Music Awards 2022   medium 

45 years ago, Steven Spielberg made his most underrated sci-fi movie   inverse 

Kylie Jenner Christine Quinn Meeting TikTok   buzzfeed 

The Attempted Assassination of Lord Lytton: A Letter’s Story   newsycom 

House overrides Trump veto, defying demand to repeal Section 230   ars 

Warming Oceans Will Likely Shrink the Habitats of Many Marine Mammals   scitechdaily 

Paredit 25 released (after 8 years)   newsycom 

Random Exhibition Title Generator   mit 

How the USS Zumwalt survived everything to become a leading US Navy ship   interestingengineering 

Tickle Pill Bug Toes With These Haptic Microfingers - IEEE Spectrum   ieee 

221126.KakaoTV.2022 Melon Music Award.(G)I-DLE.WEB_DL.1080p.H264.AAC-YL.ts - Google Drive   google 

Are You A Millennial Or Zoomer?? Let's Play "Smash Or Pass" With These Foods To Find Out   buzzfeed 

UK to criminalize deepfake porn sharing without consent • TechCrunch   crunch 

Point – Counterpoint on Why Organizations Suck at AI -   datasciencecentral 

Sustainability: What do DAOs need to succeed in the long run?   cointelegraph 

Sangeet Playlist Reveals When You Will Get Married   buzzfeed 

Live coverage: SpaceX aims to launch space station resupply mission today – Spaceflight Now   spaceflightnow 

Dinosaur eggs: China discovered rare dinosaur embryos from 66 million years ago   interestingengineering 

How Penetration Testing Keeps Systems Safe   howtogeek 

81 Pop Culture Trivia Questions And Answers   buzzfeed 

Elon Musk Outlines New, Alternate Color Checkmarks to Clarify Verification   socmedtoday 

Predicting Bigg Boss Kannada Season 9 Winner   kaggle 

[2211.13165] Neural Superstatistics: A Bayesian Method for Estimating Dynamic Models of Cognition   arxiv 

Looming Crisis: Alarming Study Shows Significant Decline in Sperm Counts Globally   scitechdaily 

Costa Rica crocodiles survive in 'most polluted' river   physorg 

Brain eating amoeba is spreading further in the US   interestingengineering 

Breakthrough study reveals that human and octopus brains have common features   interestingengineering 

Minerva's Circle launches at DCENTRAL Miami 2022   bravenewcoin 

Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Computer Monitor Deals 2022   pcmag 

The Best TV of 2022   howtogeek 

The Best iPads of 2022   howtogeek 

Why Do People Spend So Much Money on MacBooks?   howtogeek 

Mean Girls star makes sequel plea to Tina Fey   digitalspy 

This Food Quiz Will Prove Whether You're Actually Caribbean   buzzfeed 

The Race To Save Sam Bankman-Fried’s Other Crypto Exchange   wired 

The Search for a Pill That Can Help Dogs—and Humans—Live Longer   wired 

Twitter Launches New Ad Targeting Options, Including Advanced Website Conversion Optimization   socmedtoday 

Show HN: Primitive tool to record GIFs from terminal commands   newsycom 

Brandy to reprise Cinderella role for Disney+'s Descendants sequel   digitalspy 

Discover: Making sense of out-of-band #Windows updates and KIRs   compworld 

Here Are All The Matilda The Musical Songs Ranked   buzzfeed 

How to update apps on Apple TV 4K   appleinsider 

Shiva Stuthi Residence / Wright Inspires   archdaily 

MineDojo and the unreasonable effectiveness of data   reddit-ai 

Stable diffusion Ebsynth Tutorial   reddit-ai 

Cloud Releases Cache Reserve in Open Beta   infoq 

12 AirPods Features You Should be Using   howtogeek 

The Importance of Lore in Web 3.0 Games   hackernoon 

Wednesday’s Jenna Ortega weighs in on the show's big text mystery   digitalspy 

Matilda star reveals which song was cut from the musical   digitalspy 

56 Tips To Help You Clean Your Entire Home   buzzfeed 

Insecure and inaccessible code can hinder investment in connected vehicles and limit innovation   betanews 

[2211.11865] Bayesian Learning for Neural Networks: an algorithmic survey   arxiv 

How to Connect AirPods to an Android Phone   pcmag 

TruLove by Andrealphus Games Kickstarter   kickstarter 

7 best smartwatch deals to snap up this Black Friday   interestingengineering 

Daily Source Bias Check:   geek 

Hubble spots colliding galaxies in a spectacular dance   engadget 

Stranger Things' Duffer brothers reveal season 5's ending idea was originally planned for season 2   digitalspy 

Barbie director Greta Gerwig feared the film would be a "career ender"   digitalspy 

Becky Lynch returns to WWE ahead of Survivor Series   digitalspy 

How Many Of These Controversial Foods Do You Like?   buzzfeed 

Ranking Every Season Of "Vikings" From Worst To Best   buzzfeed 

Cero One Review: Customize Your Cargo Ebike   wired 

Nine winners honoured at the HealthTech Innovation 2022 Awards   siliconrepublic 

How to Free Up Space on Your Apple Watch   pcmag 

Dementia vaccines: What to know about the research   medicalnewstoday 

Don't Look Visual Novel   kickstarter 

Pocus Hocus: #1-4 Soulless Edition and Trade Paperback by Allen & Will Kickstarter   kickstarter 

Fusion energy is one step closer thanks to developments in China   interestingengineering 

Machine Learning for Protein Solubility Prediction   ieee 

The 10 Best Action Movies on Hulu in 2022   howtogeek 

[UWP] Cryptography.ProtectedData version 7.0 => System.PlatformNotSupportedException · Issue #78875 · dotnet/runtime · GitHub   github 

Allow inlining in some over-bugdet cases by EgorBo · Pull Request #78874 · dotnet/runtime · GitHub   github 

Hollyoaks star Alex Fletcher explains Diane's doubts over Beau   digitalspy 

Interconnection & A Pathway To Change   collective-evolution 

Why School of Rock Holds the Secret to Sales and Marketing Alignment   cmswire 

Cybersecurity issues in retail and smart cities   cio 

Timothée Chalamet & Taylor Russell Bones And All Interview   buzzfeed 

Kim Kardashian Conceived North West Story   buzzfeed 


How do we know the Universe is 13.8 billion years old? - Big Think   bigthink 

[2211.09383] Any-speaker Adaptive Text-To-Speech Synthesis with Diffusion Models   arxiv 

“Is curing patients a sustainable business model?” Goldman Sachs analysts ask   ars 

Indeed, a beer a day keeps the doctor away   acs 

8 Best USB Flash Drives (2022): Pen Drives, Thumb Drives, Memory Sticks   wired 

Netflix Ramping Up Game Production With Its First AAA PC Title   webpro 

I take it back.   twitter 

With $8.6M in seed funding, Nx wants to take monorepos mainstream • TechCrunch   crunch 

Tauon Music Box 7.4.5   softpedia 

Herman Saftleven, Le Porcher   si 

Ancient Roman Gold Coins – Long Thought To Be Fakes – Now Authenticated   scitechdaily 

Saving Lives: A New Medical Adhesive   scitechdaily 


cursed black friday   reddit 

Andy Vermaut shares:❤️❤️: submitted by /u/TheChamberPlaylist   reddit 

help senior   reddit 

Found this gem   reddit 

Google Nest Hub Max vs new Nest Hub: Differences explained   pocket-lint 

Starlink Speeds Drop Significantly in the US Amid Congestion Woes   pcmag 

Warrior Nun Season 2 Review: A Triumphant and Poignant Return - Paste   pastemagazine 

Genetically modified tobacco plant produces cocaine in its leaves   newscientist 

One thing that's really underappreciated in my opinion is the ability to use the...   newsycom 

Age-Related Macular Degeneration Associated With Serious Forms of Cardiovascular Disease - Neuroscience News   neurosciencenews 

Red Tide on Sarasota County Scatters Dead Fish on Beach, Shark Teeth Hunters Clean Up Instead — Florida   natureworldnews 

A Different Way of Thinking About Core Updates - Moz   moz 



How to Set Different Wallpapers on Your iPhone's Lock Screen and Home Screen - MacRumors   macrumors 

Access to this page has been denied.   kickstarter 

Senate committee stamps privacy breach penalties - Security - iTnews   itnews 

9 best early Amazon Black Friday deals 2022   interestingengineering 

.NET 7 Adds Aggressive Garbage Collection for Kubernetes   infoq 

Why We Feel Like Christmas Comes Around More Quickly Each Year   iflscience 

GitHub - sturdy-dev/suspicious: Catching bugs in code with AI, fully local CLI app   github 

GitHub - GerbenJavado/LinkFinder: A python script that finds endpoints in JavaScript files   github 

Sorting the comments · Issue #2 · Parthkumar507/social-we · GitHub   github 

GitHub - richardkiss/chiaswap: Trustless atomic swaps between Chia (XCH) and bitcoin lightning.   github 

implement `core::ops::Sub` for `Mat<T>` · Issue #7 · sarah-ek/faer-rs · GitHub   github 


Hitting the Books: How can privacy survive in a world that never forgets?   engadget 

This $2 million puzzle gives you a chance at millions — and it's under $20   bleepingcomputer 

Heights Agency - Awwwards SOTD   awwwards 

HP Plans Long-Term Layoffs in the Thousands   webpro 

Special Thanks   twitter 

The signs and symbols of primordial man   si 

Google Says 60% Of The Internet Is Duplicate   seoround 

The word "crypto" has never been the same   reddit 

Revealing biochemical 'rings of power'   physorg 

What Graphics Card Do I Have?   pcmag 

Dried-up river exposes a rare fossil of the largest big cat on the continent, the American lion   interestingengineering 

Alteryx updates its Designer Cloud UI, adds data lakehouse support   infoworld 


dotnet-dotcover ... dotnet run in a blazor wasm project does not cover clientside code · Issue #45291 · dotnet/aspnetcore · GitHub   github 

GitHub - rome/tools: Unified developer tools for JavaScript, TypeScript, and the web   github 

Release v2.1 - Blazing Fast · ChihuahuaChain/UpgradesWatchdog · GitHub   github 

Cisco Live 2021 - how COVID has accelerated digital transformation for three end user organizations   diginomica 

5 Common Issues When Using JavaScript   codegeekz 

21 Parents Who Should Have Never Had Children   buzzfeed 

The Name Chapter   twitter 

Here's my latest article on a way to approach clustering on mixed data types   towardsdatascience 

The Population Control Holocaust   thenewatlantis 

US FCC bans sales, import of Chinese tech from Huawei, ZTE   techxplore 

Microsoft 365 Banned in Germany—What Should Businesses Do?   techgenix 

Sample Series B pitch deck: Juro's $23M deck • TechCrunch   crunch 


Why do text to image algorithms so often draw multiple people of one person when asked to imagine one?   reddit-ai 

Wineglass Bay at Sunrise, Tasmania [OC][3500x2333]   reddit 

Tell me you know nothing about tech without telling me you know nothing about tech   reddit 

This leading VPN is under $60 with this Black Friday weekend doorbuster deal   pcworld 

Release by @NASA of Apollo 17 Press Kit   nasa 

Nybble and Bittle - IEEE Spectrum   ieee 

HIMSSCast: Blockchain in healthcare – sifting hype from reality   healthcareitnews 

Fix malformed XML documentation by martincostello · Pull Request #78868 · dotnet/runtime · GitHub   github 

I’m A Celebrity struck by COVID outbreak days before 2022 final   digitalspy 

Fire, Earth, Water, Or Air Sign Quiz   buzzfeed 

16 Secrets And Stories About Multilevel Marking Companies   buzzfeed 

Heights Agency by @StudioMalvah & & #DEVAWARD   awwwards 

Copyrights for Architectural Imagery in the AI Era   archdaily 

Zoom Faces Pressures as Stock Crashes and Growth Slows   webpro 

The Engineer - Flash Joule heating turns asphaltenes into graphene   theengineer 

A simpler path to better computer vision   reddit 

Gangta's Paradise but Every Lyric Is An AI Generated Animation   reddit 

Sub dedicated to posting AI generated humans   reddit 

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